The new generation of BMW idrive system debuts in Neue Klasse vehicles

With the new BMW iDrive system, the BMW Group introduces a new concept of interaction between the vehicle and the driver, to be implemented in Neue Klasse vehicles from 2025. The future generation of the BMW iDrive system will transform the vehicle into a place that provides an innovative digital experience.

With BMW Panoramic Vision, the new multifunctional steering wheel, the new central display, and the new BMW 3D head-up display as the central display and working elements, the essential user experience of BMW is reinterpreted in all Neue Klasse models.

Progressive technological innovations will go hand in hand with modern BMW interior design, with a focus on touch or voice-activated commands. BMW iDrive in Neue Klasse is characterized by four central elements.

The new BMW Panoramic Vision provides a new perspective on the essential BMW orientation and content for all passengers and is based on a completely new head-up display technology. It projects information at a height perfectly suited to the driver across the entire width of the windshield.

BMW Panoramic Vision is complemented by the new BMW 3D head-up display for active driving situations, displaying necessary information. With the new multifunctional steering wheel, the content of the BMW Panoramic Vision display and BMW 3D head-up display can be individually controlled following the principle of eyes on the road, hands on the wheel.

BMW iDrive in Neue Klasse focuses on the new central display with the characteristic BMW style and intuitive touch function. The matrix backlighting technology of the new central screen provides high resolution, vivid colors, and strong contrast, regardless of specific lighting conditions.

The future BMW iDrive will continue to have the QuickSelect concept introduced in 2023. The system in Neue Klasse is based on a highly integrated software architecture and uses the next generation BMW operating system. Smart vehicle connectivity with the BMW Cloud, as well as the digital user ecosystem, creates an impressive user experience and brings a new dimension to the interaction between humans and cars.

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