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How we work?

The BMW i3 was more than a vehicle; it was a symbol of our dedication to environmentally conscious mobility. This attitude resonated across the region, proving that sustainability and luxury can coexist in harmony.

Today, our entire BMW and MINI dealership network is certified for the sale and service of electric vehicles.

Together, we drive towards a cleaner, greener future with Delta Auto Group.

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Driving events

Step on the gas pedal for an unparalleled experience! We create adrenaline-packed adventures that redefine the essence of driving.

From thrilling track drives to fearless off-road adventures, we create events for clients who push the limits of what's possible behind the wheel.

Our driving events are not just fun and exciting but also safe and educational. Guided by our professional instructors, who lead clients through courses and teach them how to enhance their driving technique and safety.
Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? In Delta Auto Group, we don't organize ordinary drives for clients; we create unforgettable automotive moments.

When it comes to driving experiences, we don't just set standards; we are the standard.

Discover the joy of driving with Delta Auto Group.
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Get ready to be impressed by events from Delta Auto Group! We create experiences that will stay in your memory for a long time.

We regularly participate in car shows, organize "Closed Room" presentations, introduce new models, and host exclusive and luxurious events for all our brands.

Sponsorships with Delta Auto Group mean more than just a logo on a flag; they are partnerships in creating unforgettable moments. We collaborate with brands that share our passion for excellence and innovation, ensuring that our partnerships leave an indelible mark.

We represent and celebrate the strength and passion of our brands. That's why at the events we organize, our clients and partners have the best possible experience.

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Technology and Innovation

In a move that redefines the car-buying experience, we were among the first to introduce Virtual Reality (VR). With VR, you can step into the future and experience the latest car models in a virtual world.

But we didn't stop there. We introduced the CitNow app, which enhances the quality and transparency of services. This is evidence of our commitment not only to meet but also to exceed customer expectations. With CitNow, you can receive personalized videos from our technicians, showing you the condition of your vehicle, explaining the work that needs to be done, and providing detailed information.

When it comes to digital presence, our marketing and websites are unparalleled. We set the standards for online automotive experiences and always push the boundaries. We create attractive and informative content, campaigns, videos, newsletters, and are present on all social media platforms with the highest quality content. All our digital channels are optimized for users who are always our top priority.

We always introduce innovations in our markets first, and we will continue to lead the way in new technologies and solutions.

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Concept stores

One of our goals is to always be pioneers in the way we experience cars.

Our "The BMW Store" is not an ordinary car showroom. Here, you'll find more than just displayed cars. Explore the latest BMW models and then delve into our carefully curated lifestyle shop with diverse products that complement the spirit of BMW.

"The BMW Store" is also a center where enthusiasts and curious individuals can deepen their understanding of automotive technology, sustainability, and driving innovations. Whether you're here to explore, shop, or learn, "The BMW Store" offers an experience that surpasses the limits of a traditional car showroom.

Our "Maserati Store" is a space where you can see the latest Maserati models, each a masterpiece in itself.

The Maserati lifestyle shop complements this experience by offering carefully selected items that convey the spirit of Maserati—sophistication, elegance, and the touch of something extraordinary. Here, you can find not only cars but also a lifestyle that represents the essence of luxury.

We constantly seek new ways to get closer to our clients and impress them, which we have definitely achieved by opening two Concept Stores.

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Online Shop

Delta Auto Group has always been an innovator in the automotive industry, and our online shop is no exception. We introduced the first online platform in the automotive industry, where you can find a carefully selected selection of accessories, apparel, and footwear from the latest collections of BMW, MINI Motorrad, and KTM brands.

Don't settle for ordinary—embrace the extraordinary with our online shop.

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