BMW Business League 2023 – Fourth Round

The final round of the BMW Business League was marked by enjoyable socializing and a good atmosphere, but above all, excellent driving on the track. Competitors had the opportunity to enjoy attractive BMW and MINI models and experience a completely unique dimension of driving.

Participants had access to models such as the fully electric BMW i4, BMW X1 plug-in hybrid, MINI Cooper S Hatch, and MINI Cooper S Countryman.

The competition in the women’s category was more uncertain this time, and the ladies demonstrated admirable skills behind the wheel. In the first discipline, where it was necessary to balance and synchronize faster driving with lower consumption, Aleksandra Mićović performed the best, followed by Milica Kuzmanov and Katarina Mitić.

However, in the second discipline, where speed was crucial, Tanja Trajković took the lead and secured victory in the final standings.

In the men’s category, there was less uncertainty because in all three disciplines, Miloš Knežević was in the lead, which deservedly brought him the winning position in the overall standings.

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