Electric delight for an unforgettable experience

The desire for an exciting adventure, led by electric and electrified BMW cars, took us to the exclusive restaurant “Fleur de Sel” within the “Šapat” winery.

We started our journey from Belgrade with a drive in fully electric models: BMW i4, BMW i5, BMW i7, and BMW iX, as well as plug-in hybrids: BMW X1, BMW X5, and BMW XM. Once again, they confidently conquered the roads, providing a unique driving experience that surpasses all previous ones.

Upon arrival at the renowned winery, located on the last hill of Fruška Gora above Stari Slankamen, the enjoyment of impeccable driving continued with a perfect fine dining ambiance and entertaining socializing.

The combination of impressive BMW models and exquisite gourmet specialties proved to be the ideal mix for an unforgettable hedonistic experience.

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